Canadian Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial Services offers expert sewer backup cleanup services for homes and businesses in Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area.

A sewer backup is one of the more nightmarish situations that home and business owners may encounter, largely because of how damaging the contaminated water on the property has the potential to be. Specifically, sewer water, or black water as it’s often called, is designated as Category 3 water by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This designation signifies a high level of contamination, which may include the likes of feces, bacteria, microbes and other contaminants that have the potential to cause great harm to a building’s occupants.

Any plumbing backup or suspected sewage should be treated with great care – and we highly recommend calling in the trained professionals to clean up, sanitize and restore any affected areas. Entering such areas without the proper care or training doesn’t just open up home or building occupants to disease or illness, but it can also lead to cross contamination concerning otherwise unaffected areas of the facility.

Our Approach to Sewer Backup Cleanups:

Our professionals follow all the industry standards and regulations to clean and restore your property correctly, while keeping any occupants or residents safe.

  • We extract the dirty water

    The first step is getting rid of the standing water, either through vacuum extraction or natural draining.

  • Our team removes the affected items

    Things like carpet padding, drywall and other porous building materials or items that came into contact with the black water are removed and discarded. Other non-porous contents may be cleaned and salvaged. Our team can help assess items that are suitable for cleaning.

  • We Treat the affected areas

    To kill bacteria, all remaining surfaces are properly cleaned and sanitized.

  • Drying the affected area

    The affected property must then be dried using high powered fans to quickly eliminate the threat of subsequent mold growth.

Once your property is cleaned and dry, it is ready for any restoration work that will need to be completed.

For more information on sewage cleanup, contact Canadian Carpet Cleaning today. We proudly serve the Durham region with 24-hour emergency cleaning services.