Canadian Carpet Cleaning offers expert water damage repair, restoration and cleaning services for homes and businesses in Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area.

If your home or business has been damaged due to flooding, leaks, or broken pipes it is crucial you remove the water as quickly as possible. Left to stand, water will begin to soak deeper into materials making the drying process more difficult and ultimately leading to greater damage to your property. Some of the effects of standing water are: it can lead to the build up of fungal species, it is a hazard to you and your family’s health, and it can warp wooden materials.

Whether it’s carpet, hardwood, linoleum tile or a different flooring material, Canadian Carpet Cleaning’s expert water removal specialists will get rid of standing water and ensure the area is completely safe and dry.

Our team of cleaning professionals use a variety of techniques to clean water damaged materials including:

  • dry cleaning
  • wet cleaning
  • foam cleaning
  • abrasive cleaning
  • immersive cleaning

We then perform sanitizing and odor removal treatments to ensure your damaged area looks and smells as good as new. Our cleaning process also includes antibacterial and antimicrobial treatments to prevent the buildup of bacteria and mould that live in damp environments.

If you have a home or business in the GTA that has suffered water damage, trust Canadian Carpet Cleaning to deal with its cleanup and cleaning. We have technicians and staff on call 24/7 to deal with your emergency water damage cleanup needs. Browse all our emergency cleaning services or call us today at 1-888-766-0128.