Pre-occupancy Cleaning

Pre-Occupancy CleaningA meticulously prepared interior projects your company’s deep commitment to quality. Ensuring that your preoccupancy cleaning program is comprehensive and professional will translate into an enhanced sense of value for your tenants.

Canadian Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial services offers a wide array of commercial cleaning services to get your property prepared for new occupants. Our cleaning services include the following, as applicable, in the pre-occupancy preparation process:

Pre-Occupancy Cleaning Services

Floor washing – Squeaky clean floors speak volumes about how conditions are maintained in your building. Cleaning corners and outer-edges of the floor space is frequently neglected. Proper cleaning of the floor periphery is essential to presenting the strongest image of professionalism.

Floor buffing – A high shine on floors lets visitors and employees know that your company insists on offering them an environment of exemplary cleanliness. Our well-trained technicians use professional equipment and the most appropriate products for your floor type to produce the very best results.

Vacuuming – Effective vacuuming is fundamental to the general cleanliness of occupied spaces and to the longevity of carpets. Our staff ensures that only appropriately cleaned equipment parts are used on your carpets.

Professional carpet cleaning Our professional staff will clean, disinfect and deodorize the carpets in your building using professional industry standards in carpet cleaning. Our techniques can remove stains and restore your carpets to like-new condition before your new tenant takes occupancy.

Professional strip and wax floor – When it’s inevitably time to strip and freshly wax your floors, it’s time to let the professionals do it right. For floors that endure especially heavy foot traffic, it’s especially important to obtain the best of professional treatment and material applications.

Wall washing – Our qualified staff uses only treatments that are safe and effective for cleaning your walls. These knowledgeable professionals will assess the type of paint or other surface finish on your walls and use only products and processes that are specifically recommended.

Window washing and glass cleaning – Interior conditions are upgraded and building exteriors contribute optimally to curb appeal and property value due to properly cleaned, streak-free windows.

Cleaning and sanitization – We realize that your company’s reputation relies on operating in a truly clean environment. Our professionals only settle for their best accomplishment of this critical work to help protect the health and welfare of your building occupants.

Dusting of shelves, ledges, racks, fixtures, counters, etc. – Attention to detail is the hallmark of the best cleaning team. Our employees are meticulous in cleaning the corners and crevices.

Contact us at Canadian Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial Services for your pre-occupancy clean-up needs. Let us ensure that you are absolutely satisfied that the cleanliness of your site is top quality at the time of turn over to your new occupant.