Cool and Handy Cleaning Tools for your Home

Cool Cleaning Gadgets

At Canadian Carpet Cleaning, we get to use a lot of cool cleaning gadgets, from high-powered pressure washers at industrial cleaning sites to wax applicators in your home. To help in your personal cleaning endeavours, we’ve assembled a list of some of the coolest cleaning tools and gadgets to use around your home.

Microfiber Cloths

Perhaps one of the most underused products in the home cleaning world are microfiber cloths. If you’re looking for one single way to clean more efficiently and save money in your home cleaning this is it. Microfiber cloths take the place of paper towels or traditional cloths. They are made of millions of very small strands of fiber that clean much more efficiently than the larger strands of synthetic material in a traditional cloth. Microfiber cloths are gentle on scratch-sensitive surfaces and are completely reusable.

Broom Groomer

The broom groomer is a handy broom and dustpan combination product that solves a lot of the inconveniences of sweeping. The dustpan features a step-on mechanism to hold the implement in place. No more hunching over! Also, the broom is made of rubber bristles to stop dust and mess sticking to the brush.

Cable Labels

Tech gadgets are prevalent in almost all corners of the home nowadays and their power and auxiliary cables can frustrate even the noblest cleaning efforts. Cable labels and ties can help you organize your wires to keep them from running amok behind home entertainment units and desks.

The FURminator

Sometimes, the best way to win the fight for a clean home is to take preventative measures. The FURminator is a pet grooming tool that can reduce shedding by 90 percent. Make sure you have a powerful, unclogged vacuum to get the pet hair that does get entrapped in carpet fibers.

Tody Cleaning App

Tody is an iPhone cleaning app that helps you keep your home cleaning initiatives organized. The app lets you keep customized cleaning plans for each room in your house as well as notes on tidying projects. Assign cleaning tasks to rooms or areas and visualize your house’s cleanliness with bars that fill up when you haven’t cleaned in a while.

These are some of the handiest cleaning tools we think will help you when you’re cleaning around the home. If you think we’ve missed out on any cleaning gadgets, let us know with a reply below!

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