How to Keep your Child’s Playroom Tidy

How to keep the Playroom Tidy. Home Cleaning Services

One of the most cluttered and messy rooms of the home is often the playroom where kids spend hours playing each day. From toys to dolls, there are several items that can be left out on the floor. To ensure that you keep your child’s playroom tidy, there are a few important tips to follow to maintain the setting.


Use Toy Bins

Use baskets and toy bins to group like items and keep them together to ensure that they don’t become a mess in an oversized trunk. This will make it easy to find specific items and prevent small parts from becoming lost. Teach your child where each item goes to ensure that they know how to put everything in its place when they’re done playing.


Create a “Clean Up” Song

Make cleaning fun for your child to ensure that they can perform the task willingly by creating a “clean up” song that they can sing while organizing their toys. Once you begin to sing the song, they’ll know it’s time to tidy up and clean up the space. You can also put on fast-paced music or their favorite song. Your children will look forward to participating and having a bit of fun instead of dreading the process.


Use a Timer

It can be easy to procrastinate on cleaning up the playroom due to the amount of time that it takes to put puzzles and blocks away one at a time. To make it an efficient process that allows you to work quickly, set a timer for both you and your children to ensure that you race against the clock and avoid lagging. You can also delegate certain parts of the room to each child and reward the person who cleans the fastest.


Hire a Cleaning Service

Hire a company that offers residential cleaning services to maintain the playroom and prevent it from losing its luster. Cleaning services will ensure that the dust is removed from the shelves and that the walls are free of crayon. Hire a company like Canadian Carpet Cleaning to remove stains or spills that are present on the floors, which will improve the quality of the home and will allow the carpet to look new again.